Visiting Teachers Wanted!

At Southpoint:


          Join us in an amazing odyssey of guiding young minds and developing culturally appropriate curricula. You will be working with a uniquely diverse group of children, of varied class and community backgrounds. You will be part of a dynamic team of educators and innovators.

All this at the idyllic riverside campus of Southpoint School, Varanasi, North India. A 27 year old school with 200 children, 15 teachers, 10 assistant and part-time teachers, 12 support staff, a Principal and a Director—Southpoint has the following vision:

All children can learn well together. Classrooms must be inclusive of all. An integration of the arts (music, dance, reading, writing, theatre, film, fine arts, sports) into the curriculum is a must. We must be ecologically educated and we must be passionate learners all our lives.

          To realise this vision we have been inviting and hosting interns and teachers from the USA all these years. We are looking for experienced teachers who want to take time off from their regular work and lives to join us for an adventure in teaching.

If the vision attracts you and you want to live in the beautiful city of Varanasi, please write to us with details about your interest and background.