NIRMAN has a unique vision: the integration of all children, regardless of class, religion, and other differences. Over 60% of our students are from artisan, farming, minority, and other poor communities of Varanasi city and the surrounding villages. NIRMAN supports them fully, providing the resources and care that they may not receive at home, and building a strong relationship with their families.

Providing an equal and excellent education means regularly revising our own curricula, hiring qualified teachers, training them in our pedagogic techniques, and doing research on education and issues in India today. It also means ensuring that we have a generator for the eight hours of power outage every day, exactly at school time!

We need your sponsorship to maintain and increase our resources, to continue to prove that all children can learn equally well and all children deserve the same education. We do not receive any grants or funding to cover the costs of educating our children. Your contribution provides for teacher and staff salaries, school supplies and materials, infrastructure costs (electricity, internet, phone, rent), and transportation costs.

Please write to us using the form below to learn more. All contributions are very welcome!

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