Prospective interns! We have many opportunities for interns at NIRMAN. Since we have a wide range of projects, you are requested to send us a preliminary email of inquiry, with some ideas of the kind of project you are interested in, along with a resume. Based on skills and interest, we will identify the project which will be the most suitable for you. After this stage, you will be asked to submit the internship application (more information below).

Because of the range of NIRMAN’s activities, your internship can be tailored to your specific skills. All internships will have some of each of the following components:

Teaching: Much of this will be assistant teaching, unless you have particular training in innovative pedagogy, curricular integration of the arts, working in an organization, or developing English for non-English speaking children. The subjects you may teach include English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Sports, Western Music and Dance, Theatre, Art, and Creative Writing.

Administration: You will assist in current administrative work, including events, fundraising, and office assistance.

Research: You will work on one of the current research projects of NIRMAN (Indian languages may be required, as they are not for the above internships). This may include research needed for the school or other current projects.

Living arrangements: All interns are required to stay in the NIRMAN guesthouse for the first three months, which is healthy, safe, comfortable, an Indian experience, and brings you in touch with a cross-section of society.

Money matters: An internship should last for at least six weeks; there are some cases of two week long internships as well as two year long ones. Interns are required pay for their room and board, which is approximately $225/week (please confirm current rates). This includes a shared room and 17 meals per week.


Requirements: In order for an intern to be accepted at NIRMAN, (s)he must submit her resume, a proposal of at least one page, a letter of recommendation, and an essay. The contact address for submission of internship materials is (please use this email for questions related to internships).

Following all this a telephone interview may be required. If selected, background reading and preparation is provided before arrival.