One of NIRMAN’s main focus areas is in the development and patronage of the arts. We want everyone to love the arts and be a good audience, and to help develop more opportunities and ideas for careers in the arts. Our projects in the arts work towards this in three main ways:

1. By make the wonderful arts of India and the world available for people in the community through concerts, performances, and products, to increase the consumership of the arts, to support and patronise artists, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

2. To produce new art: our projects invite professionals and students to work with us towards the creation of new products and forms, that are rooted in our history and traditions, but are a reflection of our education, thoughts, and the world we live in today.

3. To develop the arts in education, through the teaching of children in our own school, Vidyashram, and the teaching of children, youth, and adults from the community in our evening Resource Centre. We are working on a elementary school Arts Curriculum that can be used in schools across the country.