NIRMAN is a non-profit that works on education at all fronts. Our vision is an India and a world where girls and boys of all classes can learn equally and excellently, leaders of their worlds, their lives rich with the arts.

Since its inception twenty-six years ago, NIRMAN has been conducting research, working on appropriate management strategies, building arts and environment programmes, and enriching the lives of children, youth and their families.

NIRMAN runs Vidyashram-The Southpoint School (preschool to grade 10), and conducts projects in the Arts (Theatre, Film, Music, Dance, Bookmaking), Research, and the Environment.

NIRMAN seeks interns and applicants for any of its several projects. Apart from the ongoing activities, we will be focusing on the development of our riverside campus from 2017-18 onwards. To support this, we needs interns with skills in design, architecture, marketing and documentation.